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Primary school to now - Forever friends

A perfect way to start the weekend and end my summer of weddings came up on friday. One of my oldest beauts got married on friday and of all the friends in attendance i'd known everyone for between 15-20 years! Most of the parents also made it to the reception and it was such a fun evening catching up with those parents who'd seen me grow up and those mates i'd spent my teenage years with. Dancing, laughing and ahem drinking was how the night went down and the bride was glowing! My dress was one i came up with the concept for and purchased fabric whilst in Malaysia and then my amazing aunt rustled this number up in ONE evening. I couldn't of wished for it to to turn out any better. 
Hope you all like the little creation too! 



  1. Love the dress, its very different!x

  2. Stunning dress! Love your hair by the way!

    1. Thanks chic..been tempted to dye it a choc brown but love the blonde too much x


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