Aqua Neuv'd

I can't seem to stick to just ONE style this A/W. One minute i'm craving a studded camo jacket, the next a loud printed motel rocks bodycon dress and then i decide to buy a polka dot 'ladylike' blouse. Think i'll give up on having a ''look'' and stick to my usual jumble.
A couple of weeks ago i headed to Aqua Nueva in London, it's set on the 5th floor with a cocktail bar, sushi restaurant and then full on dining area too. A couple of cocktails later and we were in the restaurant which was stunning (even if the staff were a tad prententious..lets just say i've never wanted to remove a pole from one's rear end so much for a long time). As someone who loves trying new food/cusines i opted for Pigeon. Yes i know 'vom alert' aha, but it basically just tastes like turkey. Eiether i was just craving a christmas dinner or all birds really do taste pretty much the same.
Due to the delightful weather i opted for thick tights and an oversized polka dot blouse from Ownthe runway. It's a site i've never ordered from before but ever since my order arrived i've found myself trawling their site on a daily basis. It's a shirt that can be dressed up or down and a perfect piece to work for the trends of A/W. Khaki discos and studded camo jacket = my next styled mission for this piece.



  1. love this outfit,especially the shoes (very vintage looking).


  2. Gorgeous outfit! I'm really liking polka dots at the moment... it's so effortlessly chic xx

  3. I have been there before and the staff is sooooo rude!! Which is a shame because the venue is amazing! Love the outfit though, will check out the website :) xx

    1. We had the same issue! The venue was gorgeous & the cocktails lush but the service means i doubt i'll return. Thanks love, it's defo worth a peak :) x


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