Scandalous ...

- Malaysian Boutique Peplum Leopard Collar Top - Karma Clothing Leggings - Lita Boots -
Gold Claw Cuff Ebay 

The long bank holiday weekend has been and gone all too quickly for my liking but at least we've only got 4 more days till it's the weekend once again! My weekend was packed with birthday dinners, catch up lunches/shopping trips with old besties, prepping for the new job ( nervous wreck alert) and some time with the family. I opted for this look for a birthday shindig on friday night as i am loving the discos that are everywhere atm. I've put together a little collage of the discos i've seen online below, so check out the sites mentioned if you fancy a pair. I think i'll be investing in khaki pair next ( said whilst clicking 'buy'), a tad obessed with the military trend this A/W.  A packed few days this week as i start a whole new adventure, try to fit in the gym obsession and prep for the final summer wedding.. 
It's all systems go.



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