Never The Right Time ...

Zara Menswear Jumper ( studs attached by myself) - Topshop Leggings -
Diva Malaysia Hair Feather - Daisystreet Studded Flats
This look was for a day with one of my ladies from my university days. I opted for leggings and studded flats for comfort and then popped on this jumper. It's a Zara menswear knit i picked up in the sale and then i added the studs myself. It's not actually finished but i couldn't resist wearing it so expect another finished post soon ...there's plenty more studs to come.

Have a fabulous weekend whatever you have planned & as ever thanks for reading. I've seen a few RT's on twitter and those of you who comment thank you so much, my phone doesn't let me reply but i do read them and will reply when i can so comment away. Also those of you not yet 'official followers it'd be great if you could via google connect as when i hit my target i'll be doing a big giveaway with clothes and beauty products. 


1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love the outfit and how you applied the studs!
    love it
    S xx


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