Cut Outs & Crosses ...

Karma Clothing Dress - Boohoo Skirt - Lita Reps -
New Look Studded Cross Necklace -
...HeadChain - Bag Malaysian Boutique 

What a weekend..my body's been abused a bit too much but it was worth it! Starting it all off was a birthday night out in Londres. I wanted to wear the spiked beauts from the previous post but realised they'd look a lot better for a certain event next weekend so opted for the standard wooden heel instead. This dress was steal at just £8 from a site called karma clothing, who i initially found via ebay! Realising it was a tad see through after the first 'blog shot'  i popped on the cross filled bodycon skirt from boohoo. The night was a success though i was severely hanging when en route to the epic swedish house mafia gig in MK the next day ( someone remind me as to why i love tequila so much?!)...looking forward to sharing that post with you all in the next few days. 



  1. Aww you look amazing!!
    Happy belated birthday
    dress is lovely
    S xx

    1. Aww thank you love!
      Was a mates birthday but hey any excuse to but a new outfit eh ;)


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