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Watford Boutique Dress ( similar styles  at missguided ) -
Lita Boots , Vincci Clutch - Forever21 Cuffs

Saturday saw me drive back from the north with a erm slightly sore head arriving home just in-time to get ready for another night out but this time we stayed in the Shire & i caught up with some old friends.
I stumbled across this dress on a random trip to Watford when i was actually shopping for presents but hey it'd be rude to leave such a cute dress just hanging there unloved, right? Teaming it my silver Forver21 cuffs and adding some grey socks to go with the silver theme i was ready, early for once! 

From the tweets/comments i received when i posted this up in the world of instagram i know a few of you lovely ladies wanted to know where to get it from. I got this from a shop near select in the Watford Harlequin shopping centre but i've found a few similar styles available online ----------- >>>>

  • The exact same dress :)  - Missguided 
  • Like the style but not a fan of spikes , collar tips are a more subtle look - Ark
  • Black minus the cut-out but with cute studded collar - OwnThe Runway 
  • After a more romantic style? Try this nude version - Missguided 
If you get hold of a similar style yourself and post leave me your link below or tweet me, i love discovering new blogging beauties :) 



  1. Love the studded detailing on this dress and the fact that its cut out too ;)
    S xx

  2. this dress is to die for! the cut out sides, denim collar and studs, love it! :) xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment :)


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