Through The Night...

Cow Vintage Shirt Dress - Forever21 Sequin Shorts -
Diva Green Feather Hair Extension - H&M Neon/Gold Bracelet -
Topshop Necklace - Lita Replicas
As you guys probably guessed from my previous post the weekend was spent away. A couple of us headed up to Nottingham and after we'd shopped our hearts out and swooned over the hottest waiter you ever did see during dinner it was time to hit the various bars for the birthday celebrations. Let's just say the trays of shots in Vodka Revolutions can be lethal....well if abused.Ha.

I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my wardrobe recently and after selling a pile of stuff in the land of ebay i'm slowly updating it in the hope that i will stop muttering the words ' i actually have nothing to wear' every.single.weekend. This shirt/dress was a recent buy from the land of Cow Vintage in Birmingham and i just teamed it with some cute sequin shorts i picked up in Malaysia. The weather played it's part in this look as i'm sure the constant sight of gloomy clouds ahead has led me to just reject colour...hence theme of dark blue/black from top to toe. Though i do like the way my newly bleached mane seems to stand out. Or maybe that's just because i've actually been looking after it in preperation for death by a straightening iron this weekend coming.

I'm turning another year older next Monday and am packing out my weekend with dates all over the shop. Though i'm still without an actual outfit for saturday night...*runs screaming to the nearest shopping centre*. Maybe i will just paint myself gold and be done with it! 
Or maybe not.....



  1. You look stunning ! And your make up is amazing, i hope you'll do a post on your party makeup routine one day... I'm sure you'll find the perfect outfit for saturday ;). xx

    1. Aww thank you lovely!
      I'll do my best to do a video soon for sure :) Xx


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