Just Too Close To Love You...

Topshop Vest - Select Maxi (worn as a midi ) - Primark Belt -
Ebay Seller Wedges - H&M Jewels -
 Forever 21 Gold Necklace
When the sun comes out to play there's only one thing on my mind ' ah i finally get to abuse my summer clothes!' Saturday was one of those days ( actually the whole weekend has proved to be a sunny success)  and a leaving do gave me another chance to get tarted up for a few drinks on the town. My stunner of a manager is off to the land down under ( that's Australia for those confused faces lol) and boy am i going to miss seeing her face everyday. One of those rare times where someone you work with becomes a true friend, i actually think i'm going to be a little lost with her! Waahhh :(

Anyways enough of my wailing & back to the fashion - The blue skirt is actually a maxi from Select that i managed to grab in a sale last year for £5! As i'm a bit of a giant i tend to get most my maxi's made for me but i loved the pleated style of this & it's now used as a trusty midi style skirt instead. I love items that sit high on my waist, as it highlights my small waist and allows me to rock a waist-belt ( if you could only see my ever growing collection .. oh dear).  The shoes were a bargain find on EBay the jewels were all cheap finds from the high-street. 

Keep enjoying the fabulous weather my loves! 


  1. i love that royal blue skirt! its the best color ever!

    i would love for you to check out my blog as well!

    Figure of Chic

  2. That outfit is amazing! I have to have them shoes.. *Goes over to ebay*


    1. Thank you! Haha these shoes are like a piece of heaven. If you need me to hunt out a link just say :) x

  3. Absolutely love your skirt!!
    S xx


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