Paradise Times...

Apologies for the lack of blogging action ( or should that be no blogging action) over the past two weeks but i was stuck in Malaysia being forced to enjoy the sun, shops and party a little too much. As you can imagine this was utter torture...the kind i adore! As well as being a well needed break from a stressful few months it gave me the chance to see my family (all my mums side all reside over that part of the world) and be reunited with one of my beauts who was lucky enough to bugger off travelling for the best part of a year. Fellow bloggers and wiwt users will understand my excitement at moving away from the 'white background' outfit posts to something with a bit more character, i managed to snap a fair few which i'll share with you all in the coming couple of weeks. But to start with here's a few oh so casual loo shots when i forgot to shoot the days look and few extra's to give you a bit of a holiday rundown.  I also managed to hunt down a rather nifty tailor and got a few pieces made ( cue the happy/excited dance) roll on the chance to abuse my camera and the social calendar!

Glad to be back and thinking i definitely need to get an ipad by the next holiday, i missed posting for you loves a tad too much ( obsessive blogger alert!).


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