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Who likes a party on a monday night? Yep that's right i sure do, and so when i got a little invitation to the first London based WIWT event there was no stopping me. After a week or so of tweets between myself & various bloggers i headed off down to Chancery Lane though not before creating what can only be explained as a bomb site in my room ( does the phrase 'so many clothes nothing to wear' ring a bell? ha). I was a tad early and whist hanging around outside ( on a street corner never the less ..classy hey!) i met Bradders as she'd recognised me from the site  and was sweet enough to come say hi to a lonesome lass. That kind of set the tone for the evening, lots of new yet familar faces just roaming around and introducing themselves to each other over some lush food & impressive punch!

Somehow ( thanks to all the beauties who 'star' my looks on wiwt ) i managed to find my way on to the golden ticket list which meant i got a little bag of treats. Choccys, a cheeky bit of Boux Avenue action ( If i had a man he'd be rather happy with this treat)  and discounts filled the wiwt canvas.

It was a great event and i just want to take this time to say a massive thanks once again to the WIWT team. There's a fair few blogging events but this one was for the sole purpose of bloggers to actually meet and just natter away. Personally i love meeting new people & when they've got a shared interest it's always that much better. It's just made me love the little community of wiwt users even more! Have a peak at the following profiles of the some of beauts i spent my night chatting away to and definitely check out their blogs. (There were more of you ladies but i can't track you down on wiwt. Wahhh! But if you leave me your link below or tweet me i'll add it into my list.)

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