Pretty Girl Rock....

Miss Selfridge Blouse - Topshop Skirt & Belt - Zara Flats -
Classic Casio Watch -  Viktor & Rolf Glasses - Rimmel Nail Polish Yellow -
Primark 150Den Tights 

Another day at work , another toned down smart outfit needed. Seeing as was awoken earliar than needed thanks to the need to pop some pills..all prescribed i assure you! I'm not turning into some backstreet drug addict quite yet, haha. With rejecting a lie in came the thought of spending a little longer than 15mins geting ready for a day at the office. I ended up in this little ensemble (why i've chosen that word to describe an outfit/ootd i don't know i just felt like being a fancy). It's a prettier and far more girly look than usual, a point picked up upon once at work but i must say i enjoyed the change. Obviously i had to add some sort of 'edge' to the outfit which came in the form of a co-ordinated leopard print belt & flats. It seemed to be a popular look...hmm maybe i'll try adopting a more feminine look more often. Though i wouldn't hold your breath. Not sure i could ever be a full on girly girl.. is that bad? 


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