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H&M Leather mix top - Topshop Skirt -
Ebay seller Wedges & Jewels -
Collection 2000 Lipstick
After a few weeks of taking it easy and nearly 2 weeks of being confined to my house and only being allowed the lovely treat of work as a escape (note the sarcasm) i decided i would have a weekend of utter rebellion. Ok so i've come away minus any new tattoos or piercings etc ...maybe the word 'rebel' is not quite as appropriate as first thought, ha. I sneaked my way back into the gym and boy did i enjoy the torture i endured! I probably sound like an utter fruit loop but the gym's my release (if i'm making any sense, if not feel free to ignore this ramble ..). Having my patience tested by a few individuals and general stress =  a girl with a short fuse. The gym's just my way of getting rid of the anger/stress/any other negative emotion. Some people meditate, others settle for a glass of wine, i like to attack the cross-trainer like a bull in a china shop ( though that saying's always puzzled me.. i mean why would you put a bull in a china shop in the first place?). 

Anyhoo, saturday night saw my return to the dance-floor, so i got the legs out, the leather on and rocked on in to London town. Randomly ended up in the same place as my 'brother from another mother'. Lads on twitter if you're reading this and tend to ask for inspiration give him a follow - @Ro4it - :) I'm trying to lure him into the land of Instagram so he can snap and upload his 'looks'.  The night was good and i was really happy with how my 'look' turned out, though the fringe is in need of a trim.
The lipstick is a bladdy amazing find in Boots - Collection 2000 for like £2.99? I am the biggest pink lipstick addict ever and will say it's one of the best in my collection. There are other shades, though limited, but it's defo worth a check ladies.


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