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Finally venturing out after a couple of weeks at home i headed off to  the birthday bash of one of my lovely ladies. A local affair i decided it would be the perfect outing to step back into 'going out'. Local = low key and a chance to catch-up with some old faces neglected in recent times. Aside from the sub-zero temperature it was a lovely evening with some ladies i've grown up with. It literally was like a school reunion, though talk had moved from boys and getting out of lessons to weddings, work and feeling old (at the ripe of ages of 24-26).

Went down to Stratford with the 'Bro' yesterday & had a bit of a splurge...and one too many drinks. Boy the room was spinning this morning. Not so sure Sunday night drinks & a casual bit of tequila was a great idea. Oh and I'm officially obsessed with my DiscoPants & everything i purchase will now be with these in mind...hmm i'm thinking a Navy and/or a Deep red/wine pair may need to be purchased at some point too.


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