January dreams ...

January dreams

As i purchase more gems i'm pretty sure my wish-list is yet to shrink, how that's possible i'll never know (ok so my shopping addiction could be to blame..but we'll ignore that for now. haha).
I've picked out the items i'm hoping to add to my life over the next 3/4 weeks, well aside from the Miu Miu clutch which is something i' determined to save up & purchase this year. As much as i'd love to buy a miu miu baby each & every month i don't have the balance of an Olsen twin just yet so that dream will have to be put on hold. Meh.  

I have a rather large girl crush on Rihanna (who doesn't) and 90% of the time i love her style. Some of it is a little extreme, but then she's a performer and if she was just dressed 'normally' we wouldn't be talking about her half as much. I had a similar tartan dress when i was about 9? which i was obsessed with and i have a feeling that obsession will be returning...with a delivery at the weekend! The collar is an extension of my love for all things masculine influenced, with the flats combining my need for comfort & studs.
 Not that i've been able to find the nude beauts in my size anywhere but i'm not giving up hope just yet. Last but not least the AA Disco Pants, i wasn't sure when my cousin first uttered the words ''Deep you could soo rock a pair of AA discos' as i have a big complex regarding my thighs/hips ( i won't even begin to go into my list of dislikes) but when i saw them in Westfields the other week i left dreaming of a pair.
 So if i'm a good little fashion saver i may treat myself come the end of the month. 

My mac & general high-end make up habit is in ned of a fix and i have managed to accumulate enough empty containers to swap for a lipstick of my choice. I'll no doubt stick to my usual pink tone, though with Saint Germain , Girl about Town & Chatterbox all already in my possesion i'm wondering which hue to go  for next. If you have any ideas pass them over :) 


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