All Things New ...

Zara Lace Blouse - Personal Collection Skirt - New Look Boots -
 Topshop Bag  


  1. i love your new haircut, you look fab :D! please check out my blog too would be amazing :D www.independentlover.blogspot.com

  2. Haircut really suits you... And I've been searching like MAD for a black lace top!! Please tell me this was a recent purchase?!

  3. Thanks ladies! Anisha It's on my 'to read' list for tomorrow. Love reading up on new blogs, so thanks for sharing!
    Sami i found it about 6-8 weeks ago, if i spy it again i'll tweet you a location ;) x

  4. Ohhh I loooove your hair sooo much!!! Gorgeous dress too! I definitely need to make more time to see my friends too, it's so hard when you 'all grow up' and live all over the place though!
    Tilly M x


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