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Thanks to a little help from a few tweeps i decided on this little outfit for Saturday night

Dress : Ebay Outlet - Chain : Ebay Outlet -  Boots : New Look 
 Socks and Bracelet: Forever 21
Saturday rolled round and i had a date with two lovely ladies @PriyaMulji and @Jyojo_B on the cards. The plan was a big old gossip over dinner & drinks in london. In reality we ended up chatting away like a bunch of old women in front of the tv and time just flew by, before we knew it we'd rambled our way through Xfactor and realised we probably weren't headed anywhere soon. Sometimes you just need a chilled out night with wine, food and fab company, and for a lady who's usually dancing till the early hours every weekend it was a welcome change. (erm sorry for the random blurr in the last pic i was trying to get rid of an weird mark that came up in the shot & failed).

I found this dress when trawling ebay and it's basically the same dress as seen on many other sites but about £5 cheaper. The necklace is also an ebay retailer find. I've been searching for cross style long chain for a while but none really caught my eye, so when i saw this black & gold beauty ( as you all know i'm kind of obsessed with that combo) for a couple of ££s i clicked on 'buy it now' rather quickly. I'll probably team this dress with a jumper & use it again over the coming weeks as seen in this post.

Got another manic week of overtime & doctors appts but hoping to get a couple of posts completed this week, including another 'geek chic' post as my WIWT look got a lot of twitter love :).
In other news i'll be singing my heart out to Rhiannas album like a pro. #Obsessed


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