Marry The Night...

Another creation from my maxi dreamland...( my aunt is one amazing lady!)

Personal Collection Maxi - New Look Socks & Boots -
Topshop Scallop Edge Top - Forever 21 Headband
I've been after one of these 'mullet' style maxi skirts for a while ( yes i think i just made this name up ) but i had a few issues : they were always a little too short on my 5'8 frame , a tad too pricey and never high-waisted (we all know how much i adore my high-waisted skirts). So i decided i'd simply make my own. Opting to try a black version for starters my aunt got her sewing machine out and made sure i had my outfit for Saturday nights affair, yep she's an absolute gem! After the learning the basics in the summer i'm hoping to perfect my skills over the festive season ending up with a maxi treasure chest of treats.

I knew i wanted to go for a not curly yet not quite straightened hairstyle and with the fringe needing a major trim i opted for a centre parting. I've not sported one since i was about 14 but i kinda like it, especially with the jewelled band. Though i am off to get a new one chopped in this week, let's hope it doesn't go wrong.

Off to the Yuki and Miwa christmas press event tomorrow which should be a nice little start to the festive season and i'll be sure to blog all about it later in the week, along with my Glossybox review and the first of some christmas party outfit posts.



  1. i LOVE your shoes, gorgeous photos! :) xo

  2. Gorgeous skirt! Been looking for something like this for a while x

  3. Aw thanks Sami. I'm hoping to get more into production in the new year. Will keep you posted :) x


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