Boy Meets Girl...

I'm a sucker for a good old reunion & so i couldn't ignore saturday nights invitation...

Select Blouse - New Look Trousers - Leopard Wedges

Saturday night saw me being reunited with some lovely ladies i met during my party filled evenings at uni. Though we weren't at the same campus we formed a random friendship ( aided by the fact my lovely lady lucy in the centre is an old school chum) and so it's always nice to catch up over a few drinks. 

I opted for a boy meets girl / androgynous look ( there's so many ways to say masculine influenced atm ). Once again i was head to toe in all black with hints of gold, finished off with my leopard print wedges. I'm personally a big fan of this trend simply because think it's cute to mix up strong tailered pieces with femine touches. Initially teaming the look with a pair of shorts I changed my mind at the last minute.

I've recently invested in a cute bow tie and a lace shirt which i'm hoping to team together at some point over the festive season. Sounds a bit random i know but i've tried it and i think it looks pretty cute, though it'll be teamed with a pair of tailored shorts. Not wanting to look like an actual bloke anytime soon! With my work attire having to remain pretty 'corporate' i'm seeking ways to bring a little bit of high fashion & glamour into my outfits. Thus far bright shirts and loafers have served me well but i want to mix it up a little more. We'll see how well that goes down....


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