When Summer's Gone.........

Topshop Kimono - Tunic - Leggings & New Look Boots

I should've blogged this outfit the other week but for some reason it remained in my drafts folder, whoops. So i'm sharing it with you all today :) 

This little outfit was picked out for a birthday dinner with a couple of my lovely ladies i don't see as much. So i knew the evening would require something special enough for the beaut of a restaurant we had reservations at and yet comfy enough for the mass amount of food that was to be consumed.
I managed to pick this Topshop kimono style jacket up in their sale at the start of the year. I've seen a fair few of these on ebay so if you fancy something similar pop over to the ebay site and see what pops up. Otherwise Boohoo has some cute styles in too.

This weekend's been a quieter affair than usual but sometimes it's needed. The week ahead is a busy affair with spinning and hot yoga classes booked in, a 'to do' list the size of my arm, posting my old life up on ebay, another set of birthday presents to find and ending in a well needed night-out with some of the girls - Cue mondays outfit post and vlog( if i'm organised enough!). If you have any ideas for quirky fashion based presents or new beauty products pass them over ... i am in need of some fresh inspiration! 
I love receiving your tweets/messages/comments - so keep them coming :) 

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