Up All Night........

Forver21 Tee - Miss Selfridge Skirt - Ebay Wedges

The weekend saw an impromptu night on the town with my ever faithful twin ( ok so to those of you think 'Whaaat? You're a twin?' We're not actual genetic twins. Just ridiculously similar in every way bar looks, as the picture above shows). Taking in a few bars of london town we met up with some mates and had a needed night of laughs....and of course the obligatory tequila shots. Rolling into our beds at 6am, Sunday was spent skipping our yoga class in favour of the sofa and some good old grub.

Outfit wise i decided to put my Aztec skirt to use and was initially thinking of simple shoes/top with a tonne of jewels but in a random moment i popped on the wedges and it just seemed to work. Mixed prints is a trend that's been seen on a fair few catwalks, but i'll admit at first glimpse i wasn't sure if the knitted aztec pus leopard print was a step too far. We soon came to the conclusion that it wasn't & so i went with it. For me when mixing prints maybe stick to 2 and then keep everything else simple, if you are more adventurous maybe throw on more statement accessories. Make up wise i used a plum tone to create a smoky eye and teamed that with one of my recent bright lipsticks from the Sleek range. I seem to have picked up a pose which consists of my hand on my hip as EVERY SINGLE picture shows..haha i'm such a gimp at times! So sorry about the lack of variation as i realised today - Deep you look the same in every pic. Whoops.

As you've probably noticed, i attacked my mane with a bunch of heated appliances to create a softer look than normal. After adding the finishing ombre touches a couple of weeks back i now actually like my hair straighter so expect to see this new style in more posts!


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