A Different Kind Of Fix....

Cow Vintage Top - Topshop Skirt - Etailer Wedges

Jaffa cakes fill me with happiness as you can all see....

So this weekend saw a long overdue reunion with one of my favourite ladies and every time we get together the night that follows tends to be an eventful one. As she lives a few hours north we picked the mid way point of Birmingham as a meeting point for a spot of shopping and the obligatory night out on the town. I opted for a blue blouse/tunic that i recently picked up from the massive cow vintage store (based in b'ham ), teaming it with a simple black body-con and my current favourite shoe : The leopard wedge. Throw in some Topman jewels and i was set to go. As always Birmingham provided us with a fair few laughs and come saturday morning we were sat in bed eating Jaffa Cakes laughing at our antics. The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with some old mates, experimenting with my mane & running scared from the worlds biggest spider that decided to grace me with its presence come sunday evening. 

The day's shopping trip was on the disappointing side. Not sure why but recently nothing much seems catching my eye, apart from the odd bright top. So i've ended up dying some of the old items in my wardrobe and it's gone pretty well! I'l be posting up a mini tutorial this week. 

A busy week ahead but i am hoping to post up a product review, another OOTD and the tutorial mentioned above. As always thanks for popping by :)


  1. Love this whole look and your make up is ace. I love jaffa's too! ;)

  2. I don't kno if this is me being stupid but what is etailer ?? I really love those shoes but dont know were to ge them :( xx

  3. Thanks for the comments :).
    Laurel the 'etailer' word's 1 from my vocab lol. Basically some of my items are from random retailers based on ebay. Pop onto ebay & search the items & you'll find loads of them. Hope that's helped xx


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