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Forever 21 Tee - Topshop Skirt - Primark Wedges

Another weekend, another night on the town and of course another outfit. 
I've been secretly admiring the aztec and tribal prints in the high street this summer but never tried it out, that is until now. Teaming the print with some pretty fabulous green wedges probably wouldn't be most peoples natural thoughts, but i think it worked pretty well. Gold jewels , smoked eyes and a new mane finished off my look for a needed evening out. Had a crisis of sorts over the past few weeks with a seemingly never ending cycle of bad news and stress invading my life constantly, but i remained somewhat sane thanks to those special people around me. The next few weeks will hopefully see me put some of these issues to rest , book a needed holiday, sort out my career and plan some vintage hauls!

 So last week i decided to finally ombre my mane correctly. As most of you will know i tried this at the start of the year but my hairdresser didn't quite grasp the concept in my mind, so i fixed that little issue & was awaiting the right time to try again. Over a couple of evenings i attempted some DIY Ombre action and am finally in hair heaven! If you have dark hair like me i wouldn't recommend a DIY job, i've dyed my hair all manner of tones myself & have a good friend who's a semi pro , so tend to know what i'm doing. Best bet: go into a salon with a few images & talk through the process as you may need to get your hair 'lifted' in order for a lighter colour to take. 

 It's not as drastic as i would've originally liked but to be honest i think i prefer it. Well for for now anyway....

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