Saturday Night

Miss Selfridge Shirt, Topshop Bodycon Skirt , Etailer Peep-toe Wedges

  Make up: Eyes - Urban Decay Delux Shadow Box  
Cheeks - MAC Blush > Dollymix & 'Coral' Semi Precious collection 
Combining my love of Pearls, Gold and Quirky jewels meant i returned from my trip to malaysia last year with this fan necklace. 
The reason most people come to see me = the beast bean! Nothing better than snuggling up on it like a baby. Though the most popular option usually contains the words > run - jump- launch....repeatedly. 

A casual night on the town left in a bit of a 'mare' over what to wear. I am the definition of indecisive ( i like to think it comes from being on the cusp of two very differing star signs : Taurus & Gemini ). It's not a bad trait when in big groups figuring out what to do/where to eat etc as i'm that person who's happy with whatever. But when it comes to my clothes, lord have mercy! After an impromptu fashion show i decided to rock the latest addition to my shirt collection. I find statement shoes and jewels are a good way to ensure i don't look like i'm headed to work when sporting a smart'ish blouse. A bright statement blouse is , to me, a must have for any wardrobe. The styles below are currently on my wish-list and show how diverse the usually simple blouse has become.

Blouse Bliss


  1. I've entered this competition too! Good luck!

  2. ur really hawt mandeep


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