Last Friday Night....

Vintage Blouse - Topshop Skirt - Miss Selfridge Boots

As bank holiday weekends go this one shaped up rather nicely. Birthday dinners & casual drinks have filled my time which has led to a few more outfit posts than my weekends usually provide.  I've done quite a bit of vintage shopping in the past month and this blouse is the latest addition to my wardrobe. I picked it up thinking i'd probably give my shopping partner a few laughs but ended up loving it & so it never returned to its hanger. Bold prints can be daunting so if i'm unsure i tend to keep my outfit base black, which lets the top make the statement ( I was feeling a little daring so i teamed it with a leopard print bag).  

Friday = birthday celebrations in London town. Dinner on a rotating platform , free shots and the most random ladies loo's i've ever come across led to an interesting evening! 

Striking a pose with my fashion twin and below - the egg toilet .... told you guys the loo's were random!


  1. Gorgeous shirt! Where is that with the random loos?

  2. I like your style girl! The vintage blose is super retro. xo

  3. Thanks ladies :)
    The loo's were in Abracadabra in London xx


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