Tears Dry On Their Own......

Yet again a birthday celebration took over the weekends events, though it was a more local affair than recent events. Catching up with some faces i haven't seen in a number of months, the night was full of laughs , updates on life and the obligatory dance. Outfit wise i went for a casual menswear vest top (oversized) teamed with suspender tights and my new leopard wedges.

H&M Tank , E-tailer Wedges , Suspender Tights, & Zara Taylor Telescope Pendant
Whilst in the midst of getting ready i logged onto twitter to see the shocking news of Amy Winehouse's untimely passing. A lot has been said about her and some , in my opinion, unnecessary jibes at her regarding her addiction. At the end of the day she was a true talent, one of the best the UK has ever produced. I drove my mum to verge of insanity with her first album 'Frank', which was played on repeat during my A'level years & we all know the stunning track listing that made up 'Black To Black'. She had her own style & though it wasn't one many would want to copy, she carved out an image that will remain forever hers. I've struggled to pick out just one favourite track so have gone with the song that started off my eternal love affair with her music ..


  1. You look fab! such a great look x

  2. very nice tights!!!!kiis



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