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Avec my beaut of a cuz & date for the Theeyan event
Amidst the packed weekend of launch parties, make up bookings and overdue catch ups with friends a little trip up the M1 was on the cards. With everyone so busy in their own little lives, family gatherings are usually few and far between, So when invited to a Theeyan party we jumped at the chance to get glammed up & spend a day with the family up north.  As the days events called for a traditional indian look, i opted for a cream and turquoise frock style suit with pearl embroidery. I love pearls and currently turquoise seems to pop up in most outfits so this was the most obvious choice from my 'alternate' wardrobe (yep i actually have a whole separate wardrobe for the fabrics & jewels that allow me to get my traditional side out). A matching bangle set, simple peep toe heels and the usual statement rings were picked up from the accessories box of treats. It's not often i delve into my 'indian' wardrobe, but it does make for a refreshing change from the leather shorts and wedges i'm usually seen sporting.

After a day of dancing and laughing it was time to jump back in the car and head back down south with twitter and a copy of the latest harpers bazaar as my saviour. 

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  1. You look so nice! Love the blue outfit-pink lipstick combo - very summer :) x


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