Keep Up, Keep Up, Keep Up


Bershka Leather Shorts , Parmars Wedges , Top a stolen treasure.
Casio Watch ,  Asos Cross ring , Forever21 green/diamante ring, Hong Kong Hinged Ring 
With the sun out in full force the weekend started off well. Heading out for a cheeky night on the town with one of my favourite ladies would take in a mixture of classy wine bars and the usual packed out dance-floors. The appearance of the sunny weather inflicted my fashion mind for the night and i went for a light printed blouse ( borrowed from my fashion twin for the night) and my bandage'esque rust wedges. The usual jewels and shorts were also out in force.

In other news, my time with AFO and AWO is coming to an end in the coming weeks. It's been a great experience & the team behind it all have become true friends. But such is life, sometimes things come to end and it's time to move on to new projects, all in the hope you'll reach that goal you've been working towards. I'll be posting up my articles on here to share with you all so expect some random informative posts in the next two weeks.

 Plus links to the videos for Handbag fairy : i'll be doing celeb inspired videos so if there's a celebrity style you like and want some tips on how to recreate it let me know and a video blog will be created! Here's my first celeb inspired vlog :

In a cheeky mood recently , probably due to the fact summer's here (well it was until today). This track from Wynter is one that i didn't want to like, but just can't help but belt it out when it pops up. Liking the quirky fashions featured in the video too. 

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