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Leather jacket , H&M Leggings and Vest , Primark hairband

Sunday saw another day of fashion filled fun , this time though indian style. Headed to Southall in the search for the final pieces of my friends wedding wardrobe ( her sisters wedding is in a matter of weeks) we got on our bargaining hats & trotted off in the search of jewels. For an accessories hoarder the wall after wall of jewels left me like a child dropped in the middle of cadburys world, i remained focused though , managing to get all 3 sets we'd come in search of.

 Obviously i couldn't leave empty handed, purchasing a couple of jewelled navy bangles.
Indian outfits can work out to being rather pricey especially when you add in the accessories.
My tips:
  • Buy pieces as you go along, bear in mind the outfits/colours you have or are planning to purchase and invest in pieces slowly. That way when you have a function you won't have to drop £100 on bits you were yet to purchase! 
  • Purchase neutral bangles and cuffs as these will go with a variety of outfits and can be mixed in with coloured items to create your own 'set'.
  • Look in stores such as New Look and River Island for statement bags and jewellery pieces. The high-street is filled with many embellished and mettalic items that will work just as well and you can utilised these on a friday night out as well as the functions they were purchased for.

 It'd been a long time since i'd travelled back to Southall but i think a return trip may just be on the cards soon.

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