You Closed The Door And You Kept On Walking...

H&M Vest , Topshop Denim , Bodycon Skirt, Zara shoes,  Primark Tights & Hairband
Having been spoilt with the good weather in previous weekends, it was a bit disheartening when i awoke to gloomy skies come saturday morning. A day with some of my fav fashionistas & fellow bloggers was on the cards , and though the original outfit plan went down the drain thanks to the chill in the air it didn't dampen my mood. Putting to use a birthday pressie from my fashion twin & favourite boy i went for a black base outfit with a twist. The white denim waistcoat broke up the block of black and the tights, for me, added a quirky touch. I've become a tad obsessed with the hairband style i'm rocking in this post, so expect to see it pop up in posts to come. 

The day itself was a well needed few hours of chatting & aimlessly wondering the shops of lakeside. When ever i meet up with these 3 ladies we talk our way through every possible topic , never knowing where the time's gone! We may not have known each other for that long but i can safely say i've made some friends for life. What started off as a work based relationship has turned into 3 solid friendships & they've helped me figure some of the mess that is my life, aiding my return to 'normality'. Life is full of twists & turns , ups & notorious downs and those special people you know will be friends for life.


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