Birthday Blocking

So this weekend saw the arrival of my birthday and amidst the thoughts of 'what am i doing with my life?' i managed to fit in a weekend of birthday love. Aside from coffee dates and gossips over brunch there was the obligatory night-out ( which in usual birthday style ended with my head in my hands ...quite literally ).

I've had a bit of nightmare trying to find an outfit but finally came up with this little number...

Miss Selfridge Shirt , Topshop Top , Grey Platform Wedges & A Purple Bandeau Dress.
Opting to embrace the trend of colour i teamed a strapless dress with a top from topshop and simply tied it in a knot at the waistline. This turned what would've looked like a loose top over a skirt into something that resembled a dress. Knowing i wouldn't be outside that much a jacket wasn't really needed, so i just threw on a bright shirt & simply finished it of with my favourite shoes of the moment, a gold clutch and lots of jewels. Injecting so much colour into an outfit can seem daunting but this is the season to be daring, and if unsure opt for similar tones & classic accessories.

Each birthday i set myself a target and this year i've decided to focus on my career, basically getting to 'where i want to be' in life. It's not been the easiest couple of weeks with certain relationships coming to end & realising that those you put on such a high pedestal in your life can be the same people who act without giving you a second thought.The things getting me through it all = 
Great friends , A 'reset' list of goals to focus on and a strong belief in karma. 

One of my many gifts from a certain creative lady : Love Live Laugh 


  1. Happy Birthday sweets! Loving the outfit and you look gorgeous! Some relationships come to an end for a reason and something better is out there for you no doubt. Wish you all the happiness and success! Mwah xx

  2. I love your outfit! I'm inspired to give the colour block trend a try now...! x

  3. Happy Birthday lovely!! You look absolutely gorgeous, love the colour blocking x

  4. Thanks ladies! Hopefully you'll fall in love with colour as much as i have this summer. x


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