Tears are gonna fall.....

Amongst the load of crap headed my way this weekend , you may notice my hair's suddenly a lot flatter, yep the straighteners were brought out to attack the curly mass of hair i'm usually sporting. It's been about 2.5 years since i last used them and with an itch to see what my hair looked like with the additional colour and length i got to work. Surprisingly quickly i went from frizzy to sleek all in aid for a friends birthday in Shoreditch. Ending up in Cargo i would recommend it, just the door policy needs to get fixed and sharpish!

Miss Selfridge Shirt , Bershka Shorts, Marks&Spencer Boots , New Look Blue Bandaue 

After uploading a couple of pictures my phone was buzzing away with Texts/ FB notifications of approval, though popular i think i'll be sticking to the curls for no other reason than that it's easier. With the hair flattened and make up look selected it was now time to hunt out an outfit. Due to a random day of illness going out was a last minute decision & that meant my outfit changing numerous times in the last 5 mins before my lift arrived (i kid you not), but i got my backside into gear and decided on shorts, a shirt with suspender tights and lower heel than usual.  Currently obsessed with colour i wore a cobalt blue bandeau peeking out from under the blouse. It's a quick yet effective way to inject some colour into an otherwise safe outfit.

With a fair few articles,  a shoot and an audition prep awaiting my dedication come sunday , I was handed a not so welcome surprise. 

 After a sleepless saturday night i spent sunday trying to get my thoughts together. Having someone you love and class as a major part of your life go out of their way to make you feel worthless wasn't something i had planned on happening but ..it did. With my birthday a matter of days away there couldn't be a worse time for my confidence to be at an all time low but i guess such is life. One thing i don't understand & doubt i ever will, is how you can throw away years of a friendship (and at times more) in a flash, purely due to assumption. Hard facts speak volumes more than any rumour or thought but it seems not everyone agrees. Letting my guard down is something i regret, but a mistake i certainly won't be making again. It's times like this the void of my parents is really felt, funny how a simple hug and some wise words could really make all the difference, but that's not going to happen and i guess it's down to me to just get on with things the best i can. Adjusting to life without those 2 people that know you inside out is something i thought i'd dealt with but it seems it was just wishful thinking. 
Putting on a fake smile & pretending everything's ok is something i've mastered, but when those you thought knew the real you can think so little it's hard not to crack. 

Theres's only so much you can do as an individual to show your character but if years down the line people want to see the worst in you, i guess it's something you've just got to except, in my case hoping they turn that corner soon & gain a more accurate view. One thing i know for sure is that true friends are hard to find & i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by some absolute gems who i can safely say i class as family 

Todays Track > Adele > Rolling in the Deep.
A cheat i know as it's been in a previous post but the lyrics couldn't be more perfect.

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