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For those of you who didn't catch the latest reality show to hit our screens last night you missed out on a treat! Cashing in on the success of 'The Only Way Is Essex' E4 launched it's own spin off 'Made In Chelsea'. Personally i found the show to be a right laugh, though possibly for all the wrong reasons and it looks as though i wasn't alone in my thoughts. Twitter and Facebook went a little bit crazy over the rich kids of chelsea and their antics, with many stating it was no comparison for TOWIE. 
I don't want to comment to much on the behaviour of the so called 'in crowd' but i will say this > It didn't do much to make us 'normaltons' feel any kind of empathy for the guys and girls involved. TOWIE may be a bit cheesy at times but that's why we all love it, plus i think most of us relate more with the idea of 'bitching about respective other halves' than sitting in an offices having a portraits of us painted whilst we hold a globe?! ( you had to see it to believe it).

For me one of the most irritating people featured was some guy in a green blazer who was outraged at the thought that someone would even dream to shop in Topshop or be seen walking around in a high-street garment. Obviously not really up to date with the fashion world, if so he would note that even the biggest celebs in the land come to the UK high street to get their fashion fix. Don't get me wrong, i love designer fashion, it's featured regularly on this blog & my wish-lists, but not everyone afford to pay £300 for a top. 

Surely fashion should be open to everyone no matter what your budget is?

This got me thinking about my birthday and the inevitable wish-list i've been slowly building up...of mainly high-street items. Maybe green blazer boy wouldn't approve, but i think the rest of you will once again see why the british high-street is regarded as the best in the world.

Topshop > A fan of black biker style jackets this caught my eye due to it being in an alternative hue but still edgy. 
ASOS.com. Maybe i'm cheating a little with this selection but in my defence it's from the asos own range and at a budget that would rival the high-street prices. The only other thing i have to say about these is that i am in love.

Topshop.com > Perfect for lazy days and casual summer nights. Teamed with leggings and pumps OR quirky tights , a pair of heels and a few choice jewels : Either way this is being added to the 'basket' as i type.
Topshop.com > Gold Jewels fill me with joy. With an accessories collection to rival most shops , i fear i have an addiction that won't be coming to an end anytime soon.

River Island > An easy way to adapt some of the 'western' trend into your look  RI have hit the spot with these beauties.   Can imagine these teamed with the Tee, Jewels and some snake print leggings Or a simple tank and white maxi skirt.

 I think i'll stick to my predominantly high-street wardrobe for the time being.

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