I don't believe in fairy tales ...

Studded Cardigan French Connection , Crupo Shorts & Tank Topshop, Studded Ankle Boots  

Last minute troubles meant a weekend of any sort of fun looked unlikely, but then a few of my fairy godmothers (also known as friends in a non disney filled land) stepped in. As the weather took a turn for the worse with the heavens opening whenever possible, i wasn't really feeling a colourful outfit. Opting for Crupo shorts, a simple navy vest, ankle boots and a studded cardigan it was a more casual look than i've been used to in recent times. As the shorts are in a silk based material it dresses up a look that could be deemed not dressy enough. Accessories with simple detailing can also help jazz up an outfit > I went for my studded cardi.

Not long till the birthday & i'm still no further along with the dress search. My confidence has taken a battering in the past couple of weeks and a revelation come saturday only added to the negative thoughts spinning around in my mind, so currently everything i try just leaves me feeling a little 'blahh'.

On the plus side i'm starting to figure out what i really mean to those around me, if they really care or just pop up when it's convenient for them. Strange how you place certain individuals on a pedestal, putting their   happiness in front of yours, and yet when push comes to shove they will go out of their way to ensure your feelings/emotions are left in a wreck. I guess we've all been burned by 'friends' it's just a case of ensuring you don't let that particular cycle continue.

A change to the usual 'todays track' as i could literally pick about 10 relevant songs but instead of depressing you all i've gone with a new track i'm loving atm. 

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