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LOVE oversized shirt/dress , Topshop Tights , New Look Courts , Zara Taylor Telescope Pendant

Day two of the bank holiday weekend ended up as a rather random saturday of sorts. After a measly few hours of sleep (due to fridays antics) i was back to the gym , followed by a day of returns , finished off with a leaving party with my old working lovers. Also an excuse to be reunited with some of my beauts from the days of retail last summer, i got tarted up and trotted off. The night brought around a few additional familiar faces from nights out in recent times and led to a last minute dash to London's club Merah. An eventful night of sorts ( i never seem to have a normal evening these days) got me thinking that maybe it's finally time to shut the door on that area of my life thats cast a cloudy shadow over me in recent weeks & move on to a whole new chapter....

Outfit of choice was of a more 'glamourous' look than my usual, as i teamed together a few of my more recent purchases. The shirt dress has a metallic sheen to it giving an instantly 'dressy feel' to what was initially a simple ( and admittedly lazy look). It's quite see through so i just popped on a black bandeau tunic underneath to spare any blushes. I was in two minds as to what shoe to go for and my trusty platform wedges were my first thoughts but in an attempt to keep the look more classic i opted for the trusty black court heel. Come my 5am trawl into my house i was rather happy i'd gone for the more sensible heel.  

Bandeau tunics are a great investment as they can be your saviour in times of need. I've teamed mine with :
  1. Tunics : That are tad too short to wear as a dress. By having the bandeau underneath it ensure's i don't 'expose' anything i'd rather keep from publics viewing!
  2. Dresses : A great alternative to slips , especially under lace dresses. I find slips to be a bit irritating and the ones that come with your high-street dresses can usually be rather cheap & minus any sort of fit.
  3. During the winter months when teamed with a knitted dress and tights it acts as another magic layer of warmth.

Todays Track > Shola Ama Todla T > Take It Back
As soon as i heard this track i fell in love! It just screams summer sunshine filled days/evenings and i can't wait to here it when on a dance-floor at some point in the near future.

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