So I'm ready now to fight this....

Topshop Top , Bershka skirt , Aldo Shoe boots , Necklace from malaysian boutique

A last minute change of plans due the pain that is public transport we ended up staying a little more local for friday nights events. Outfit of choice was based around my need to abuse the new reds in my make up box. I finally settled for a deep red basic top partially tucked into a blue body-con skirt. Obsessed with colour atm black simply wasn't an option. Opting for simple jewels & muted shoes can keep an outfit glam and not too edgy.

Friends can come and go but there are those rare few that you have for a lifetime, no matter where life takes you. Not so rare in my life i'm lucky to be blessed with an overflowing list of friends who are like family to me. Whenever i hit a roadblock in the big old journey that is life i'm remind of how lucky i am and friday night was one of these times. A night with 2 ladies i've known since my days of trotting around in a school uniform we caught up over a few cheeky cocktails and a dance or 3. Ok so there's still that little 'issue' that's kinda turned my life upside down but at times like these i think i may just be doing a lot better than i realised..

Todays Track > Clare Maguire > The Shield And The Sword

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