Can you ever forgive if you can't forget?

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 This weekend was like two separate worlds colliding. On one hand i had a great few days with some old & new favs showing me how blessed i am, but then this little issue reminded me i'm never far from some element of , well, crap. Funny how people can take you for granted , totally dismissing your feelings knowing the whole time they've done you wrong, yet take no responsibility for their actions. Going along with the pretence that it's all ok can only last so long & everyone has that breaking point. Which left me wondering if i've reached mine. As much as something can mean the world to you sometimes you have no choice but to let it go before it manages to rip you apart. Burying my head in the sand is something i could win an oscar for, even in the most painful times of my life i've lived by the notion of picking myself up before i totally crumble and getting on with it. Not quite sure it's a method many therapists in lala land would recommend but it works for me, well so far anyways.
Putting on brave face and continuing on a journey is fine but...

Can you ever forgive if you can't ever forget?

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