Reacquainted Love

Amongst the madness that is my life atm i've surprisingly found time to build up a rather impressive birthday wish list and with 8 weeks still to go i'm dreading the final total!
Wild fox is a brand i've liked for while but in recent weeks i've rediscovered them and have fallen head over heels. The simplicity of the cuts teamed with the varied prints are effortlessly cool.
I have 3 current personal favourites :

This oversized Tee could be worn as a tee with leggings, shorts or even a dress with quirky tights and wedge boots. A perfect fit for my current 'style'. 
Whenever i see this image i fall in love once again. Simple in both style and design i don't think i'm being dramatic when i say i NEED this in my life!

I have a new found need to add maxi dresses into my wardrobe, dont ask me why i just do. Both styles would be pretty perfect and as i'm feeling greedy both would be welcomed into my life with open arms.

Then there's the advertising campgains/lookbooks. look books are usually a simple way for a brand to showcase their new collection, with many opting for the standard 1 model/1 background style. But Wildfox Couture's imaginative & fun shots are another reason i love them. Below are a few of my favourite images from their mass collection of lookbooks..

To get your Wildfox fix you can either head to their official site or to a number of independent online retailers who stock a selection of their pieces:

Images : Wildfox 

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