A fight to avoid reality...

When they said 'you never know what's round the corner' they weren't lying. This weeks been full of surprises & sadly none of them came with an easter egg.

Sometimes life as we know it suddenly comes to an abrupt stop and throws you off onto a whole new direction. 
Sometimes it's a welcome change. 
 Sometimes not so much. 

But rest assured a few months down the line all the pieces usually fit together & you finally get your head round it all. With the change of season comes changes in other areas of my life, coincidence? Maybe. Finally spring seems to have arrived with the last few days full of sunshine. With the weekend comes some overdue time with some fab ladies. Just what's needed when you want to totally isolate yourself from the world for a bit, ignoring the madness that surrounds you.

Todays look has been inspired by MK.Olsen. Sunglasses acting like a shade from the sun as well as those inquisitive eyes and the Red lips? Ah what the hell the suns shining so why not?

Outfit posts galore on way ...

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