A Forced ''Fresh-Start''....

Miu Miu sunglasses , Topshop tunic & jewellery , Bershka leather shorts, Marks & Spencers boots 

Boy am i glad the week is over! The weekend see's a road trip with my bestie, my return to the social scene , exciting meetings and being one step closer to the new month. Yesterday with the sun shining i headed off out (staying in, wallowing in self pity came a close 2nd), and got some of the best therapy there is : Retail! On days like this i'm reminded of the many fabulous friends i've managed to surround myself with. Be it at the end of a drive, phone-call or some sort of social media. Minus the immediate family in my surroundings it can be easy to feel like your fighting every single battle 100% on your own, but that phrase 'my friends are my family' rang true yet again. Add to that the flash sales popping up all over the shop and summer colours bursting into the windows of many retailers, it's hard not to find yourself back to a positive mindset. 

Life's full of twists & turns, ups & downs. You've just got to pick yourself up and keep going..cos you never know what's round the corner..

From now on with near enough each post there'll be a 'todays track' posted at the end. Usually summing up my mindset/emotions whilst writing or just my favourite track of the day ..it could make my ramblings a little easier to understand!

Todays Track : Adele > Rolling in the Deep

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