Finally I Can See You Crystal Clear

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In the midst of high emotions came a reunion with a few of my ladies and my weekend lover...the Dance-floor! Alongside our dancing and trouble making ways the inevitable catch ups took place. With emotions running high the barman became our new BFF, ready to supply us with shots that would distract me from the mess of my life for those 5 split seconds where the night could've ended with mascara streaming down my face. Near disaster 1 avoided, we headed off in pursuit of 'that dance-floor'. Hours later the night was a deemed a success & spring had officially sprung.
A new week in a new season provides that opportunity for a new start, of sorts. Working away on a secret project that will (fingers crossed) make my ultimate dreams come true by the end of the year, It's a scary time where i'm reminded :
life never quite pans out how you'd expect.

Todays Track > Clare Maguire : The Last dance

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