I'm addicted and I just can't get enough...

Primark Maxi , River Island Tee , Topshop Rings  
Ok so i actually wore this for my little lunch date in Birmingham at the weekend, but to be fair i spent yesterday (along with i think about a billion others) watching the cricket. Any match between India and Pakistan is always tense, especially when it's a world cup semi final. For those if you still unsure as to the importance of this game > India vs Pakistan is sort of like England Vs Germany but times 100! So needless to day i spent my day on my sofa with sky sports and a not so fashionable outfit.
The past few days have really made me re-focus on what i want to achieve in terms of my career. Whilst elements of my personal life may be falling apart, i'm reminded of all the projects on the go professionally. Hard at work on a couple in particular that shall remain top secret for now. I've become quite the work'a'holic, but am determined it'll all lead to my posts becoming a bit more diverse in the months that follow. 

 Todays fashion inspired tip : Throw on a tee over that maxi and team it with some little pixie boots. A spring outfit that's not too dull but not too summery, perfect for the unpredictable spring weather. 

Todays Track : Black Eyed Peas > Just Can't Get Enough 

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