The night is cold I should be sleeping...

Saturday night saw me reunited with my 'twin' ..No i'm not a twin in any genetic way but you know those friends who feel like they could be you? You share similar thoughts..speak in unison (on frequent occasions) and can convey a whole conversation within a simple 'look'? Well that's us. After a 10week absence we were back on form  doing what we do best: sipping cocktails, dancing our hearts out and making random friends around the various areas london town. Taking in the sights of Holborn, Sway, No5 Cav and knightsbridge, all the while acquiring new friends, by the time we strolling back in at 6am our beds were calling us!
Outfit wise i went for a simple tank and shorts combo, threw on this bright shirt to inject a bit of colour and was good to go! 


Topshop Tank, Bershka Leather shorts, New Look Shirt , Zara taylor pendant 

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