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Apart from being a little obsessed with Adele's 21 album, it's been a a few days of being left disappointed by the offerings of the high street stores. I'm really hoping all the items that were promised in the various SS11 look-book's start flowing into the stores soon!
 Was asked to compile some ideas on 'valentines day outfits' so check out the AFO site and handbag fairy's you tube channel, for my tips on outfits on a budget, making the most of what you've already got in you wardrobes with about £20 before you spend £70 on the new dress!

Finally got a chance to shoot my gorgeous purchase from the Buy My Wardrobe event i posted last week. This stunning 'Trophy jacket' was found amongst the rail of offerings from Frocking Fabulous Vintage, i love the fact it's not a generic black or gold in colour, but a Navy instead. I just teamed it with my customised cut off denims, a basic navy tank and shoe-boots of the same colour. Keeping the jewels simple the jacket really stands out..expect to see this in many posts to come.

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