American dreams...

Valentines weekend was here once again but thanks to some very last minute plans i actually had a varied weekend of fun. Friday night we stayed local taking advantage of the 241 cocktails easy ''commute''.  I usually only venture out locally over the festive period or special occasions but it's nice to catch up with those friends you end up neglecting during the busy week of work. Talks of career news, a possible move states, london outings of the future and planning weekend in the Algarve filled our conversation... amongst lots of laughter.

Shorts have taken over as my new staple and teaming them tights makes them perfect for the cold wintery nights. I've wanted shorts like this for a while but never found a decent fitting pair. Due to the new light denim used by topshop i finally got my hand on a pair that work for my figure. 
Keeping everything black the shorts make the statement intended.

Topshop shorts and vest, Warehouse oversized blouse, M&S Boots...

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