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Ebay Faux Fur Gillet - Glamourous @ Asos Shirt Dress - Select Heels -
Malaysia Boutique Clutch
I can’t believe it’s already September and that NYFW has come and gone. This year has been filled with a lot of changes , but good changes, so I’m entering this AW with a smile and lots of plans. Not quite sure how I’m going to get everything done come the close of 2014 but I’ll give it a go. Back to this year and the weekend just gone, which saw ( yep you’ve guessed it) another birthday celebration. As the weather decided to take an almighty turn to A/W I used the opportunity to get out the faux fur in the form of this Black Gillet purchased around this time last year. Sticking to my favourite ‘basic tones’ of Black, white & nude, I threw in the Snakeskin Clutch to add a bit of an edge to the outfit.The dress is Glamorous @ Asos & the shoes were bargain buy from Select at only £16!

I’ve been spying all things NYFW on Pinterest and Instagram , discovering a fair few new style crushes along the way. Images aplenty to come to you via Pinterest and Tumblr so have a peak at my pages on those sites if you’ve got accounts, and comment/tweet me with any links to your accounts too! 


  1. Loving this look
    S xx

  2. You look awesome! This is such a gorgeous outfit! x


  3. Love this look. Very glamorous. Your hair is gorgeous as well :)


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