I've Got My Eyes On You New ...

Blouse *borrowed from the housemate* - Topshop Leather Shorts & Socks -
New Look Boots

A casual date turned into a rather heavy night-out ( pretty standard in this house) and with it being part of my last week 'pre fitness/diet challenge' we made sure it was a night to remember.  I opted for my trusty leather shorts and borrowed this nude tone shirt from my housemate, teaming it with some printed boots. I also wanted to keep jewels simple pre A/W layering, which will definitely see jewels aplenty!

This year has been full of change & it's fair amount of stress but i think everything's finally working out *touches wood. With my holidays finally booked, weekend dates planned, wardrobe cleared awaiting newbies for A/W & some new ventures in the pipeline, it's now time for me to step up the fitness and diet regime. I tend to Tweet, instagram and pinterest this side of my life rather than blogging about it, but if i reach my goal come the end of the 4 week challenge i will be sure to share my tips with you all. 

Bit nervous about the last quarter of 2013 but i'm determined to start 2014 on the right foot. Who said 13 had to be an unlucky number eh?



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