Sparkle Sparkle...

River Island Leggings - Ebay Blouse - Select Skull Clutch
- Malaysian Boutique/Ebay Jewels - JC Replicas

After feeling rather 'blahhh' about myself i have jumped head first into a new workout plan and so far it's left me feeling a bit better about things ( though craving flapjack by the tonne..worrying). Also re-dyed the mane, i was tempted to go back to just one full colour but then realised i'd regret that decision as soon i'd see it, so re-ombre'd it instead. Need to take the blonde up a notch on the bottom 3rd and then get my full fringe re chopped in...then i'll be hair happy. Now the wedding season is done with i can go back to showing off the ink and having my hair how i like it!  A Saturday night reunion with a couple of my ladies brought out these sparkly leggings from River Island, perfect for the cocktails of the evening. I'm feeling rather festive this year and think my clothes will contain ALOT of sparkle this season. Oh and the odd santa hat ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for another post this week which will give you beauties another discount code and yet again another chunk of my fashion life is on Ebay. 

Thanks for being such fab followers and sticking with me through the ' refusal to post' week.
Here's a little treat from Motel



  1. Love love love your pants here!! so cute
    S xx

  2. Love the sparkly leggings ha, i have some similar and i needed some inspiration on how to wear them x

  3. Those leggings look great..teamed with litas especially

    1. Thanks lady! i swear my wardrobe is run by my lita obsession aha xx


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