Simple As This ...

French Connection Jumpsuit - Select Shoes - Warehouse Waist-belt
- Southall Accessories Store Cuffs-
Saturday night saw yet another family shindig ( after years of nothing this past 18months has proved rather busy..). Thrown at me last minute i hadn't the time or funds to fork out on yet another indian outfit, and to be honest i'd rather spend the £100 odd on clothes i'll actually use more than once in a decade. Considering i don't own much in the way of ' appropriate family wear' i was in a tizz then remebered this lush jumpsuit i'd acquired during my days at French Connection. I simply added an indian cuff set, a simple black waist belt and those new nude heels i've fallen in love with, from the reaction i got i think it was a hit!



  1. love the jumpsuit... looks great



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