A Familiar Place ...

Primark Blouse - Asos Shorts - Topshop Tights -
New Look Shoe Boots -  Mix of Ebay/Asos/Vintage jewels

I love a good 4 day week as much as the next person but i swear this week almost felt as though it was a little longer? Maybe i just had more fun then i realised on holiday and my body's just rejecting work...anyone want to give me a million £££s so i can reclaim the feeling of normality? No? Ah it was worth a try i guess ;) 

The outfit was literally thrown together around the fact that i wanted to wear tights, so no exciting story behind it i'm afraid. Though at one point i was beginning to resemble a pirate and had to re-think the accessories. I love captain Jack Sparrow but i don't really want to look like him.. i mean he's a dude with a beard of sorts. Not sure i could rock THAT look haha.

In other news it's my birthday next month so expect lots of random posts of - i want this / if only i could buy all these etc etc. Birthdays always leave me with an insane wish-list..though i can tick off high-tops. Yep an early birthday pressie sorted that little wish out. I'm actually sooo excited by these its ridiculous & i can not wait to blog them! I also think i've finally decided on a new tattoo and i'm re-ombreing my mane. 



  1. cute outfit, I wish i had guts to pull off something like this!



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