Snow Times ...

**Warning a few snow grumbles may feature

Primark Mens Tee - Topshop Leggings - StylistPick Boots - Faux Fur Hat

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As expected the snow decided to grace us with its presence this weekend. After a few days of false reports stating it would snow and with no sign of any such weather i was hoping we'd escaped it, boy were my hopes totally dashed. Personally i don't like the snow. I think it's fabulous until you hit the age where it's no longer an excuse to stay home from school and i'm thinking ahead to the coming 10days where the pretty white blanket will slowly but surely turn into piles of ugly slush surrounded by ice..meh.
 Ordered to take some down time i'd luckily planned a weekend at home and so didn't find myself stranded in somewhere in London, but was instead curled up on my sofa in the warmth. The days errands didn't really call for anything spesh so i threw on my leggings & a tee but used the cold weather as an excuse to get out my 'over the knee' boots and faux fur hat. 

Happy Sunday my loves and stay safe if you're travelling in the snow. 


  1. Hey doll, ive awarded you the versatile blogger award :) xxx

  2. I can't believe you don't love the snow. I'm so gutted - we had ours for a day and now it is but just a memory :-( ALL GONEEE xx


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